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Flexible Selfie Stick
Flexible Selfie Stick
Flexible Selfie Stick
Flexible Selfie Stick
Flexible Selfie Stick
Flexible Selfie Stick
Flexible Selfie Stick
Flexible Selfie Stick

Flexible Selfie Stick

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This incredibly flexible device lets you position your smartphone's camera exactly where you want it. A selfie stick used to take still photographs or record a video by placing your smartphone beyond the normal range of the arm. Twist into any range of positions to take the perfect photo. Attach to branches, railings, & other objects to set up group photos. Curl it up and put in your pocket with ease. Use the included Bluetooth remote to trigger your phone from a distance.


No need of clip, no limit of applied environments, the flexible holder can grip mobile phone or sports camera for you by bending to different shapes. Give it a pole, the holder can grab it. Even nothing at all, it can keep standing up by itself. Straighten its "leg" and turn it to be a selfie stick as you need.


Main Features:

● Allows you to shot from angles and distances that are not possible with any other mount
● Made of flexible silicone and aluminum wire inside, the pod can be bent to different shapes
● Widely used on ground, bike handlebar, tree branch, handrail, closet handle, etc.
● Remote control gives you the freedom and flexibility to shoot videos or stills anywhere, anytime
● Being a selfie stick when you straighten the pod
● Versatile holder for mobile phone in 4 - 6.3 inch
● Standard 1/4 inch 20 thread screw, universally fit for all sports camera
● Curl it up, folding to compact size and put in your pocket or carrying it with the storage bag 
● Quick switching between portrait images and panoramic images


 Model Number: V0001 flexible selfie stick
Support Remote Control: Yes
Communication: Bluetooth
Max Extened Length (mm): 420
Weight (g): 157
Material: Silicone
Folded Length (mm): Flexible
Color: Black / Yellow
Compatible: For GoPro iPhone camera phone etc.
Accessory: Phone clip, Phone band, Adapter for GoPro


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