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iBrow Portable Electric Eyebrow Shaper - The best Eye brown shaper
iBrow Portable Eyebrow Shaper Tool - How to use an eyebrow shaper
Best Eyebrow Shaper Kit
Best Eyebrow Shaper Pen
Best Electric Eye Brown Shaper Tool
iBrow Portable Electric Eye Brown Shaper
Flawless Eye Brow Shaper

iBrow Electric Eyebrow Shaper

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Say goodbye to unwanted hair and painful tweezing FOREVER!

The iBrow Portable Electric Eyebrow Shaper is the first precision hair remover equipped with high-end micro precision technology that allows you to trim your eyebrow instantly and painlessly, creating perfect beautiful eyebrows.

Just drop the portable hair shaper to your purse and shape your brows like boss even on the go. Unlike tweezing or waxing, it removes hair painlessly and without nicks, redness, bumps, or irritation, creating a flawless smooth finish. 

The discreet, portable case resembles a lipstick tube and fits into your bag or a pocket for touch-ups while traveling. 

The best Eye brown shaper

How to use the eyebrow shaper? 

It is as easy to use as holding an eraser pencil with built-in light above, below and between your eyebrows, as well as towards your hairline. Unlike traditional trimmers, no skin redness or irritation is induced and it is approved by dermatologist as it's 18-karat gold plated head is hypo-allergenic and safe for use on any skin type.

iBrow Electric Eyebrow Shaping Tool

The Electric Eyebrow Shaper Tool is quick and convenient for easy touch-ups around and under the brow, discreet and portable to use anytime and anywhere, it is truly your makeup buddy and you need not worry of an ugly eyebrow hair when you are outside anymore!

Best Eyebrow Shaper Tool

This is your new best kept secret on maintaining perfect eyebrows. It is the perfect cleanup tool to maintain that “fresh out of the salon” look for your eyebrows. There is no better or painless way to upkeep the time between shaping, waxing or threading your eyebrows. The built-in LED to reveal even the finest hair to remove.

eye brown shaper

NO PAIN: The Eyebrow Shaper precision head is to be used on the top and bottom of brows and in between eyebrows, to instantly and painlessly erase unwanted and stray eyebrow hair, without the pain of plucking or tweezing!

PREMIUM QUALITY: The eye brow shaper is an everyday maintenance clean up tool to be used in between your regular eyebrow wax or threading appointment. No More Tweezers or painful eyebrow shaping methods.

A Perfect Gift for Girlfriend, Mother, Birthday, Mothers day, Christmas

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