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Magic Bluetooth Led Party Glasses
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Magic Bluetooth Led Party Glasses

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The "Magic" Bluetooth LED Glasses are the coolest party gadgets in 2021. You can wear it at a lockdown home party, or to the upcoming rave parties. Suitable for any night activities. No matter if it's a Birthdays Party, Concert, Techno party, or New Year's Eve. These smart animated Led Glasses will blow everyone's mind!

Various customization modes: Your custom text and pattern will show up on the LED Bluetooth Glasses display with the special mobile APP, or it can flash to the rhythm of your favorite music. 

Draw or write anything in the APP, share your message with the world. Try the DIY customization or simply choose from the pre-set animations. 

Smart and Fun Party Supply: Change the text and pattern as you like, it will show up on the LED glasses screen. Be the coolest dude around with these fun Bluetooth light-up Glasses.

LED eyeglasses are pretty cool and attractive but still easy to see through, just like any normal fashion sunglasses. Wearing these Magic LED sunglasses makes you the star of the EDM parties. If you like being the light in a dark place, these glowing shades are for you. 

Magic LED Bluetooth Party Glasses

Suitable for various occasions: Wearing these light-up party glasses when you go to a techno club makes you stand out in a crowd. A unique accessory for him and her, both young, teen, and elder for various occasions. Wear at parties, stage performances, EDM festivals, Clubs, or other shows and events.

➤With USB rechargeable cable: LED glasses working time is about 5 Hours under fully charged. High-cost performance & environment-friendly

➤LED Light Glasses are awesome, fun, and super bright. definitely an attention and conversation starter during your event.

➤ Flashing decoration: easy to see through without obstructing your vision, also as a cool while wearing them during the holiday as a sunglass

➤ Bluetooth enabled, connects with the special led glasses App (iOS &Android ) to instantly customize your messages!

Magic LED Bluetooth Party Glasses

Specifications of the Led Glasses:

  • Input voltage current: 5V 1A
  • Charging type: USB interface charging
  • Supports 7 languages
  • The rated capacity of this product is 180mAH
  • Energy-saving, high-power, long-life LED light beads
  • Connect your led glasses to your smartphone via Bluetooth.
  • Download for Android: Dancing Glasses,
  • Customization App for IOS: Magic Glasses
  • APP controls the led glasses, you can change the text and pattern