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SlimChin® Face Toning Jaw Exercise Ball

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 Don't know how to get rid of your double chin?

Dreaming about toned and youthful jawline without all the hassle?

 Get the SlimChin® Face Toning Jaw Exercise Ball and wake up every day with a perfectly toned, more defined, chiselled jawline!

 All it takes is 10-15 minutes a day to start seeing a difference! The SlimChin® has worked for thousands with amazing results!

double chin exercises before and after

SlimChin® Face Toning Jaw Exercise Ball can:

 Reduce double chin and firm sagging skin

 Help to lose face fat without surgery

 Promotes strong and healthy jaw muscles

 Creates more toned shape for your face, neck and jawline

 Perfect aesthetics, skinnier, younger-looking appearance

 Join the movement and get the jawline of your dreams.



SlimChin® Features:

 Designed to stimulate 57+ face, cheek, and neck muscles

 It offers a hands-free, fat remover exercise to achieve a sharp chin

 It is suitable for both men and women, anytime and anywhere

 While you're on the way to work, in front of the computer, or watching TV 

 Durable, Eco-Friendly, and Safe Materials ( Silicone and Polyurethane)

 See spectacular result only after 4-8 weeks of frequent exercise

3 Different Strength Level:

LEVEL 1 - Blue: Beginner  (40 lbs)
LEVEL 2 - Purple: Intermediate  (50 lbs)
LEVEL 3 - Black: Advanced  (60 lbs)


The answer is simple. NO! It would be like comparing walking with doing squats. In order for your muscles to grow, they need a proper workout with enough resistance. Even with the Level 1 SlimChin® Face Toner Ball, you will feel the insane difference from eating or chewing gum.

The SlimChin® Jaw Exercise Ball
is specifically designed for training facial muscles that help to tone your jawline, contour cheekbones, and reduce face fat. By going through the full range of motion of your bite, it will give you the stronger and younger look you desire. Well, you can also use this facial toner exerciser to relieve stress and tension in your mouth and face. 


SlimChin® is a modern Facial Toner, Jaw and Neck Exerciser for more youthful and muscular appearance. This fitness jaw exerciser can train one of the most important but still forgotten muscles in your body, the masseter muscle. For anyone who wants to tone, firm and strengthen the face and neck area, this is for you!

💦 POWERFUL ANTI AGING MACHINE: Neck wrinkles and double chins are a thing of the past. Our mechanically engineered resistance facial toner is designed to stimulate blood flow and enhance the firmness of the skin.

💦 CUSTOMIZED EASY SOLUTION: Got extra sagging skin or wrinkle from recent weight loss? Recovering from giving birth? General loose skin? No problem. We offer 3 exerciser levels beginner to SlimChin® to fit both men and women needs

💦 QUICK AND EASY USE: Just put the SlimChin® Jaw Exercise Ball and facial toner in your mouth, put your teeth in the bite strip, and start chewing

💦 ADVANCED SILICONE: It is made of food-grade silicone to ensure that there will be no harm to your body when you use it. It is convenient to carry, hands-free exercise, and perfect for fitness and work.

How to use the Jaw Exerciser Ball?

  1. Put the whole product in the boiling water for 15 seconds to make sure it's clean and hygenic.
  2. Remove from water, then quickly shake off the excess hot water.
  3. Allow cooling for a few minutes
  4. Position the product in your mouth, on your teeth and gently press down on the white bite strips to mould them for the most comfortable fit.
  5. Then you are good to go and start the jaw exercise.


Your facial muscles are not used to this kind of training. So we HIGHLY SUGGEST that you start with our Blue Level 1 to reduce the risk of injury, warm-up your muscles for 1-2 week, and sitch up slowly to achieve the best results possible